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Carol Barney, John Sherman - Ceol Anam :

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Carol Barney, John Sherman - Ceol Anam

Coach Road To Sligo
A Week In January
Star Of The County Down
Cabbage Jig
Cailin Deas Cruite na mBo
Calliope House
Chi Mi Na Mor-Bheanna
Cliffs of Moher
Coach Road to Sligo
Congress Reel
Druimfhionn Donn Dilis
Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part
Humors of Scariff
Jamais Plus de Larmes Tristes
Little Heathy Hill
Loch Tay Boat Song
Minnie Young's
Roger Burridge's
So Here's to You
Star of the County Down
Time Will End
Week in January, A

John Sherman has been playing and arranging Irish and Scottish music for over fifteen years Along with two solo recordings, he has produced and been guest musician on numerous others, and was a founding member of award-winning band Inisheer.

Carol Barney currently living in Providence, RI, has been playing music for most of her life, devoting the last decade to traditional Irish music She was a founding member of the Irish band Fourin a Feire and tours regularly with singer Bridget Fitzgerald.

"The Process"

I was expressing my frustration to a friend one night about the problems of trying to record a CD with John who lived so far away. I couldn't just arrange a little more time in the studio to fix those little rough spots we were worrying about. He said, "Carol, I have a story for you. There was an old furniture maker who was working on the finish for an elaborate dining room table he had just made. He polished and polished, for days he polished, trying to get the most perfectly even shine on the table top. But, he still wasn't satisfied. A friend came by and saw the table, saw that he had been working so hard and asked, 'How do you know when it's done?' The furniture maker looked up and replied, 'It's never done, someone just comes to take it away.'"

(pronounced Kee-ole' An'-num)

I first met John Sherman in 1996 while attending "Irish Week" held at the Aususta Heritase Center at Davis & Elkins Collese in Elkins, WV. After an extraordinary evening of playing music together I knew I was looking at one of life's crossroads. Never before had I experienced such a blending of musical tastes and styles. We decided then and there we had to do a project together.

A few months later I was reading a beautiful book about friendship by John O'Donohue called Anam Cara. He talked about friendship as recognition and belonging. With an "anam cara" (soul friend) you can trust your innermost thoughts and feelings. It occurred to me quite suddenly that this was how I felt about the music that John and I were playing (talking the same metaphoric musical language). So, it seemed an easy jump to name the project CeolAnam (literally, "music soul").

It is effortless, soulful music that is quite special for us in its blending. We hope you enjoy it.

Carol Barney, John Sherman


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