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TOO FAR FROM THE SHORE - The Boarding Party :

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TOO FAR FROM THE SHORE - The Boarding Party

Ten Stone
Drifting Too Far from the Shore
Bursen's Fancy
1 Ten Stone (trad.) 2:11
2 Heave ‘er Up and Bust ‘er (trad.) 2:12
3 Tanqueray Martini-o (Jon Campbell) 2:15
4 Goodbye Old Ship of Mine (Arden/Pelosi) 4:33
5 Song for the Challenger’s Crew (trad./Eberhart) 2:10
6 Rosie (trad.) 3:17
7 Sheep on the Deep (Davies/Eberhart) 2:14
8 Drifting Too Far from the Shore (C. E. Moody) 2:34
9 The Ward Line (trad./Eberhart) 2:55
10 Atlantic Cable Song (trad./Eberhart) 1:55
11 Down the C & O (B. Hitchcock) 2:32
12 100 Years on the Eastern Shore (trad.) 2:06
13 Oray Sujon Naiya (trad. Bengali) 1:26
14 Rolling Down to Old Maui (trad.) 4:37
15 Solar Privateer (Eberhart) 1:49
16 Farewell to Grog (trad.) 2:02
17 Last Cigar (p.d.) 3:04

Paid Off and Gone Ashore

Even the longest voyage must come to an end. After our twenty-year cruise, The Boarding Party has come ashore for the last time. When we started, we had little idea of what exciting times we would have, or where the voyage would take us. Along the way, we have made many friends, shared many good times, learned a lot of rare and wonderful songs, and have come away with memories that will remain with us for the rest of our lives.

But lives change. Our various career, health, and family situations combined to make it impossible for us to continue performing, though our interest in the music remains as strong as ever.

This album has been too long in the making, but not for lack of help from friends, many of whom are mentioned in the notes for individual songs. We are grateful to all of them. There are others as well, of course, starting with Sandy and Caroline Paton of Folk-Legacy, whose contribution to the world of traditional music in general, and to The Boarding Party in particular, is exceeded only by their kindness, generosity and patience.

Bob Hitchcock, one of the original five Boarding Party members, not only added his fine guitar work to two songs on this album (one of which he wrote), but also contributed his technical ability, ear for the music, and powers of persuasion to help produce the recording. Micah Solomon of Oasis Recording gave us his considerable skill and an easygoing atmosphere. Dave Diamond, another of the original members of the group, joined us for a rousing song and also helped with myriad details during the long production and note-writing process.

The continued interest and support of our many friends – too many to name, really – have kept the project alive through long delays. Our good buddy Bob Zentz remarked at one point that when the album finally appeared, it would “seem all fresh and new!” We think it does, and hope you will enjoy it.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Eberhart, who passed away on February 18, 2003, just as this recording’s release was finally imminent. Jonathan was the driving force behind The Boarding Party, and his strong voice, excellent musicianship and passionate scholarship are evident in the songs presented here.

Nancy King
Tom McHenry
K. C. King
Jonathan Eberhart

It’s been too many years, but now my favorite group of singers/scholars/rowdies has rewarded our patience with another collection of water-songs. And a collection of great variety, too: favorite old chanteys, nautical gospel songs, a couple of original songs, a cable-laying song, a Bengali rowing song, songs from the rivers, lakes and canals, as well as the oceans, high and low.

Some are tongue-in-cheek, some just good roaring fun, but most ring with the great dignity of sincerity., Some of these songs would have died in the archives had not Bob and Jonathan made new tunes for them, and many would be lost to us forever without the work and interest of these men. They’re scholars and historians, and their big robust voices lift these songs into our present very well.

Often, these days, it’s easy to tell who a folk- or chantey-group has been listening to. These lads have been listening to their own drum(s) for a long
time, and that nourishes us all. Thanks.

— Gordon Bok


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