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Ann Mayo Muir - So Goes My Heart :

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  Ann Mayo Muir - So Goes My Heart

Ann Mayo Muir - So Goes My Heart

Stranger to the Land
Love it Like a Fool
Bantry Girl's Lament
Cousin Emmy's Blues
Dark North Sea, The
Faraway Tom
Highland Widow's Lament
Know Me By No Other Name
Lady Mary Sails, The
Little Goat
Love It Like a Fool
Oh, Hush Ye Now
Old Blue Suit
Stranger to the Land

It wasn't Ann's idea to make this recording; you can thank her friends for that. For years, this extraordinary woman has been the Lark in the Morning to us, a song just waiting to happen. She has sung in hundreds of concerts and her voice and instruments have graced many other people's albums; now it's time you heard her do it her own way.

There's a considerable range of songs here, both traditional and contemporary, as broad as her range of compassion and wonder. She believes these songs. To her, each song is an album itself, a whole life. She is the Highland Widow; you can feel the water and the stars in her hair in "Stranger to the Land," and she's the little girl watching "Faraway Tom" drift into the mists. Dave Goulder wrote it, but Ann has lived in it, too, and that has added to its strength and substance forever.

She doesn't use a song; it uses her, and both are the richer for that. She's joined here by her daughter Christina, herself a professional musician and a wise and lovely person, by master musician and harmony-smith Ed Trickett, and by Gordon Bok, whose cellamba playing Ann has bravely encouraged for many years.

The Patons chose the title of this album from one of Anns own songs, and considering that we've never heard this lady sing a note that bypassed her heart, we agree that it's entirely fitting.

G.Bok & E. Wilson

I am grateful to my daughter, Christina, and to my friends, Gordon and Ed, who provided me with so much musical and vocal assistance on this recording. Some of the arrangements were the result of the combined efforts of all of us; others, where I played alone on the harp, simply grew into themselves through my favorite trial and error method.

Music has been a constant source of pleasure in my life, putting me in touch with myself and restoring a sense of balance. Thanks to working with these superb talents, my rewards have been quadrupled. I certainly feel a strong sense of gratitude to my good friend and husband, Claude Graf, who has encouraged and helped me is so many ways.

Being a boat designer and builder, a man of many talents and interests, he thinks nothing of repairing my harp, or constructing a harp case or "bell" case capable of withstanding the rigors of air transportation. All his practical help, plus his enthusiasm for the music itself, has made it smooth sailing far me.

Ann Mayo Muir

Ann Mayo Muir is originally from Michigan; she moved to the East coast early in her career. She has made music of one sort or another all her life, beginning with baritone ukelele and adding guitar, whistle, "bell," harp and flute as she went along, singing all the time.

She has raised two children, bicycled across the country, and has been a sailor, potter, unicyclist, artist, sky-diver, airplane pilot, concert and recording artist, and actress. She now lives in France with her husband, Claude Graf, a marine architect and boat-builder.


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