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Margaret Christl and Ian Robb - The Barley Grain :

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Margaret Christl and Ian Robb - The Barley Grain

Hard Times
The Barley Grain for Me
By the Hush
Banks of Newfoundland,The
Barley Grain For Me, The
By the Hush
Campbell the Drover
Crockery Ware, The
Foggy Dew, The
Green Bushes
Hard Times
Jack, The Cowboy
Oh, No, Not I
Save Your Money While You're Young
Ten Dollar Bill, The
Weaver, The
Willie Drowned in Ero

The Barley Grain for Me

Margaret Christl and lan Robb with Grit Laskin

A Dedication

I'll miss Edith Fowke. She was a feisty lady who never shrank from saying what she thought about folk song or anything else. Her contribution to the scholarship and the singing of Canadian folk song is well known, but what set her aside for me was the pleasure she derived out of hearing the songs she had unearthed sung in folk clubs and at festivals. I imagine this end was perhaps as important as the hunt for her which I think distinguished her from many of the folk song scholars of her generation. If she felt a singer showed some commitment to traditional song, she could be at once enormously encouraging and devastatingly critical. Edith knew, I think, that this is how good singers are made.

About twenty years ago, Edith introduced me to Folk-Legacy's Sandy and Caroline Paton, and was thus responsible for launching me on a modest recording career. The first of these recordings was this collection of Canadian songs, many of them from Edith 's collection, which I worked on with Margaret Christl and Grit Laskin. I promised in my last letter to her that I would ask Folk-Legacy to re-release this recording on compact disc. I am grateful to Sandy and Caroline for giving me this opportunity to do just that - a small gesture to acknowledge the enormous contribution of this grand lady of Canadian folk song.

Ian Robb
Ottawa, 1997

The Barley Grain for Me
Source: Mr. 0.J. Abbott, Hull, Quebec

Collected by Edith Fowke

John Barleycorn's death and rebirth is described here in rather more detail than in some versions. This apparently Irish variant is one of the few collected in North America.

The Weaver
Source: Mr 0.J. Abbott, Hull, Quebec

Collected by Edith Fowke

Edith Fowke has published The Penguin Book of Canadian Folk Songs, and it is from that book that I learned "Willie Drowned in Ero" and "The Weaver." People, years ago, had a great knack for writing smashing songs on very "every day" subjects.


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