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Cindy Kallet - Working on Wings to Fly

Nantucket Sound

Wings to Fly (Crow)

Working on Wings to Fly

Cindy Kallet

My Fair Lady came to town when I was between six and eight months old. My mother,
always in tune with the tunes, combined baby-caring with song, and sometime during
those formative months I was discovered humming, under my infant breath and to
my parents' astonishment, the tune to "Wouldn't It be Loverly ."

The musical contributions up to and since then have' been many and varied. My
sources include predominantly classical music -I studied piano and violin for
several years- and folk music -from people such as Burl Ives and Pete Seeger,
early on, to Mimi and Dick Farina, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Tom Paxton, among
others. A few years later, Gordon Bok, Louis Killen, and members of the Hudson
River Sloop Clearwater crews were among those who provided inspiration.

The songs arise from just about anything -life's trials (many), love (lost, mostly),
water (the ocean variety in particular), and miscellaneous (many of those includes
State of the World songs and Style Stealing -see "Big Dark's Fancy" and "We Rigged
Our Ship" for reference).

I started writing songs when I was about thirteen years old. The first "official"
one concerned the horrors of my junior high school (the chorus of the first "unofficial"
one was "I'll wait for you till the end of time - I'll say no more about it!).
My brother Tony was, and still is, an invaluable source of criticism and encouragement;
all songs (over 130 by now) were taped and sent to him for comment. Throughout
most of those earlier years, the songs stuck pretty close to home: my bedroom,
the kitchen or stairwell (both acoustically encouraging locations), and were sung
to the tape recorder, my sound- worn knee, and occasionally to family or close
friends. It's been only in the last few years that they have ventured forth, through
friends and coffee houses, concerts, and even a fish and chips joint- over the
sound of the fryolators - to this recording, where a few of them are given, with
care, for your taking.

The wonderful harmonies on four of the songs are provided by two good friends.
I met one of them, Ellen Epstein Maxwell, a teacher on the island where I was
living (Martha's Vineyard), when her husband, Timothy, introduced us to each other
with the outlandish idea that we might actually enjoy singing together.

The other voice, that of Lisa Kallet, I first heard when she came home from the
hospital over a quarter of a century ago. I was only a year old at the time, but
could tell that she showed real promise. In addition to being a fine musician,
is studying Classics and Ancient History.

Many special thanks to Lisa, Nelle, Lucy, Mom, Kevin, and, course, brother Tony,
who has kept me and my guitar strings on our toes.

----- For Papa -----

Cindy Kallet

Martha's Vineyard

September, 1981

Wings to Fly (Crow)

Kallet, BMI

This song was one of those "gifts;" a song that materialized in probably under
a half an hour late one autumn night after a bicycle ride home. The "hammering
down here" appears courtesy of a house I was shingling. The geese appear courtesy
of a field that the house overlooked. The crow appears courtesy of the hawk.

Crow mobbing up a hawk on soar,

Clouds soaring in the sky,

Me working down here on this rocky old earth,

Working on wings to fly, good Lord,

Working on wing's to fly.

New friend's catching up a fish tonight,

He's gonna haul 'em till the stars come tumbling down.

Me, I'm riding high tonight,

Been dreaming of him coming around, good Lord,

I'm dreaming of him coming around.

Geese come rising out of the field

Heading to the eastern shore.

Me, I'd fly on every wing

Just to find you something more, dear friend,

Just to give you something more.

Shearwater swooping on a gray old wave,

North wind scooping up the sea,

These cold autumn days make me run with joy,

Looking for a way to be free, good Lord,

I'm looking for a way to be me.

This moon's gonna keep me walking tonight,

This sky is gonna make me sing.

All I want is to share with you

Something of this feeling, dear man,

You're something of this feeling.

Crow mobbing up a hawk on soar,

Clouds soaring in the sky,

Hammering down here on this rocky old earth,

Working on wings to fly, good Lord,

I'm working on wings to fly.


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