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Jerry Rasmussen - The Secret Life of Jerry Rasmuss :

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Jerry Rasmussen - The Secret Life of Jerry Rasmuss

Ten-Pound Radio
Until Morning

Coal Man Blues
Dreadful Shame
Evergreen Bar
Last Mississippi River Seamboat, T
Old Blue Suit
Planter's Bar
Poppa Was a Preacher
Taste of Sin
Ten-Pound Radio
32nd Army Tank Division Band
Uncle Jim

Jerry makes his home in Connecticut, but his heart is still in Janesville, Wisconsin, where he grew up, the region that has inspired many of his original songs. Genuine down-home, "family values" here. Good, strong singing, and wonderful songs.

This album was a long time coming. It reminds me of a story I heard about a city-slicker who was visiting an old man in a mountain home in the South. He was admiring the beautiful patina on the pine walls of the home, and asked the old-timer, "How did you get such a beautiful finish on those walls?" The old-timer answered, "It's easy, you just nail up the boards and wait fifty years."

Not that it took fifty years to make this album (although at times it seemed like it did). It just took a long time for the music to get whatever patina it may have. That's one of the wonderful things about folk music. There's no real hurry.

The one thing I wanted this album to be was fun: first of all for everyone involved in making it, from Sandy and Caroline Paton, Major Contay and the Canebrake Rattlers, Pat Conte and Skip Gorman to Colin Healy and Jeff McHugh. Most of the time it was. Now I hope that you have a good time listening to it. If you do, then I figure that we've done our job.

Jerry Rasmussen Stamford, Connecticut

DAVENPORT (Rasmussen, BMI)I Side 1, Band 1.

Back before the days of computer dating and singles' bars, courtship moved at a rather leisurely pace. That was particularly true in small towns. In the mid and late 50's, I worked summers at the Fisher Body plant in Janesville, and spent many an hour listening to the exploits (real and imagined) of the young kids who'd come down from little northern Wisconsin towns like Ladysmith and Spooner, drawn to the high pay and Great White Way of Janesville. To them, courtship was pretty rudimentary, and attention to fine details, like combing your hair or putting on a clean shirt, made all the difference. What they lacked in finesse, they more than made up for in brute self-confidence. I wonder how they'd look on a video-tape in a computer-dating file?

There's a moon out tonight, so won't you come on over?
Your momma don't have to know.
I got a couple of beers in the 'frigerator,
Got the Opry on the radio.
We can sit on the steps and watch the stars come out;
Only be you and me.
Or we can go cavort on the davenport,
And no one will ever see.

I'll be sitting here waiting in my rocking chair
While you're walking on down the road.
I put out the cat, I got my dog tied up,
I got the lights turned way down low.
I got a part in my hair, I got my shoes shined up,
I even wore my brand new shirt.
So, honey, don't be late, 'cause I can hardly wait,
You know I rushed right home from work.

When the evening is over, then I'll walk you home,
Or at least down to the corner store.
Everyone will be sleeping, even Murphy's dog
Will be curled up on the kitchen floor.
And old Mrs. Johnson' ll have her blinds all drawn.
So we can wave as we walk on by,
And then it's one long kiss, 'cause it will have to last
Until I see you next Friday night.

(repeat first verse)


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