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Dan Milner - Irish Ballads and Songs of the Sea :

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CD124 -

Dan Milner - Irish Ballads and Songs of the Sea

Paddy West
The Harp Without the Crown
The Girls of Valparaiso
Banks of Newfoundland,The
Billy O'Shea
Girls of Valparaiso, The
Harp Without the Crown, The
Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her
Lily of the West, The
Lord Bateman
Loss of the Ship Jane Maria
Lovely Ann
Nightingale, The
Paddy West
Poor Old Horse
Rosemary Lane
Row, Bullies, Row
Yellow Meal

On the 150th anniversary of the Great Famine, this recording is dedicated to those who braved the Atlantic crossing from Ireland to America. God bless them all!

In the “Golden Age of Sail,” many Western Ocean seamen were Irish. Some from Derry, Kerry, Cork and Cavan, some Liverpool born and bred, others Irish-Americans from Boston, Philadelphia and New York. These are their songs, together with those of their emigrant passengers - ballads, shanties and songs of shipwreck, hardship, frolic, parting and high adventure... sung and played here by an all-star crew:

DAN MILNER - Renowned ballad singer and folk song collector. LOUIS KILLEN - Sea song authority, sang with Ewan MacColl & A.L. Lloyd and the Clancy Brothers. MICK MOLONEY - Folklorist and multi-talented instrumentalist, a major figure in Irish music. Killarney-born singer/guitarist ANDY O'BRIEN - member of the legendary Irish Tradition with All-Ireland accordion/fiddle duet champions BILLY McCOMISKEY & BRENDAN MULVIHILL. BRIAN CONWAY - All-Ireland champion fiddler. BOB CONROY, FRANK WOERNER, JAN CHRISTENSEN & LIAM MILNER - Shantymen from New York's South Street Seaport.

Notes by Dan Milner, edited by William Main Doerflinger.

Paddy West

Richard “Captain Dick” Maitland, veteran of numerous deep-water sailing vessels, told William Main Doerflinger that he thought Paddy West ran a boarding house on London Road, Liverpool, about 1875. Stan Hugill was sure of it but located the West establishment on Great Howard Street.

Fact or folklore, Mr. West’s sideline was recruiting hands for ships. After a few days with Paddy, all were able bodied seamen (A.B.s). In reality, most were greenhorns with just enough sailor talk to get signed. To accomplish this, Paddy ran a “school” in which his students practiced stowing sail by manipulating a window blind, experienced crossing the Equator by jumping over an outstretched length of rope, and circled a bull’s horn to claim ten trips around Cape Horn.

Dan - lead vocal, Lou - concertina & chorus, Mick - mandolin & chorus

The Harp Without the Crown

Writing in Roll and Go in 1924, Joanna Colcord stated that the Shenandoah was a New York medium clipper under the command of Captain Jim Murphy, who proudly flew the Irish flag below the stars and stripes as his personal sign.

It’s not uncommon in Irish folk song to exaggerate the effects of a social event for comic effect, so don’t spend much time considering the line, “The officers and men dead drunk around the decks are piled.” Just think of “Finnegan’s Wake” and “Lanigan’s Ball!” I first heard "The Harp Without the Crown" sung by Bonnie Milner, who learned it from the late Stan Hugill. The closing jig is “The Connachtman’s Rambles.”

Dan - lead vocal, Andy - guitar and chorus, Billy - accordion, Bob, Frank & Liam - chorus

The Girls of Valparaiso

This forebitter appeared in Songs of the People. Sam Henry’s source for “The Girls of Valparaiso” was an “old salt” who, once he had given up the sea, had to get his wife to throw buckets of water against the window to induce sleep.

Dan & Lou - vocal duet, Lou - concertina


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