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Songs for an August Moon - Larry Kaplan :

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Songs for an August Moon - Larry Kaplan

Selling The Isabel

Emma's Attic


1. Feet On The Bluff
2. Too Late For The Breaking Yard
3. Selling The 'Isabel'
4. Dearest Lavinia
5. Emma's Attic
6. Get Her Into Shore
7. John
8. Teaching My Son To Sail
9. Joshua's Rock
10. Bushnell's Infernal Machine
11. Liyanna
12. Echo on the Mountain
13. When We Danced At The Farewell Ball
14. The 'Catherine Doyle'
15. Cape Breton (Yes, I'm Coming Home)

Songs for an August Moon - Larry Kaplan

Folk Legacy Records, Inc. is pleased to announce its newest CD and digital release by Larry Kaplan, entitled “Songs For An August Moon.”

This collection of 15 songs, Larry’s second recording with Folk Legacy, represents over 20 years of songs written by Larry, some previously unrecorded, as well as more recently written material that has never been published before. Here is music we feel represents examples of some of the best contemporary songwriting in the finest folk tradition available today, and we are proud to make these new offerings available as part of the Folk Legacy family of recordings.

The concept of the album was simple: to present original ballads and instrumentals that are true to the American folk tradition, honest and uncluttered presentations of songs that capture the joy and sorrow, and the successes and failures of real people today as well as long ago.

Larry accompanies himself on guitar, banjo, and harmonica only, and takes the listener on a journey across both ‘Old’ and New England’s hills and along their shores, across the ocean, to the now vanished towns and villages of the Swift River Valley where now stands a wilderness reservoir, and into the private sometimes painful, often joyous lives of neighbors-- both contemporary and gone. He has given us such well known and oft-sung songs as ‘Old Zeb,’ ‘Song For Gale,’ ‘Song For The Bowdoin, ‘Get Her Into Shore,’ and ‘Selling The Isabel,’ and his music has been sung and recorded by many, including Gordon Bok, Bob Zentz, Cindy Kallet, Cindy Mangsen, Kallet, Epstein, and Ciccone, Lee Collinson, to name just a few. We are thrilled to make even more of his music available with this fine recording.


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