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The Johnson Girls - On deck & Below :

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The Johnson Girls - On deck & Below

Delaware Canal

Delaware Canal

Pat Do This

1-Mama Liza Jane
2-Ward Line
3-Delaware Canal
4-Saucy Anna
5-The Mermaid
8-Crab Shaker
9-Rain Children
10-God Bless Them Moonshiners
11-Spike & Fid
12-Haul Boys Haul
13-Emma, Emma
15-Hilo Johnny Hilo
16-Pat Do This
17-Johnson Girls

The Johnson girls have done it again! "On Deck and Below" is another outstanding collection of sea songs and chanteys, delivered with great verve and energy. The are without a doubt the premier women's sea music group in the country.

~Caroline Paton

“You are first rate! I didn’t know women could sing like that.” - Pete Seeger

Widely acclaimed for their powerhouse performances of rousing work songs, haunting ballads and laments, and hair-raising harmonies, The Johnson Girls have

performed at major festivals, clubs, coffeehouses, and more across the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Europe, have performed live on Oscar Brand’s

radio show, France Bleu radio and appeared on French TV.

The Johnson Girls is an energetic all-woman a cappella ensemble, performing traditional and contemporary music with an emphasis on songs of the sea and shore.

With a sound that has been called “exciting,” “haunting,” and “uplifting,” the Johnson Girls give powerhouse performances that bring audiences to their feet

wherever they go.

“The Johnson Girls, shanty singers from America, took the place by storm….Those who thought a shanty singer had to be male, bearded and with a beer gut, had

better think again.” – Cornwall Guardian

Each of The Johnson Girls brings a specialty and style to the ensemble. Their extensive repertoire includes songs with an Afro-Caribbean influence, of the

inland waterways, of fishing, mining, Irish, Anglo-American, Italian, French, and Canadian ballads and work songs, and much more. The Johnson Girls bring a

unique interpretation to their repertoire while preserving the traditional roots of their music.

Whether leading a sing-along aboard the Peking at South Street Seaport in New York or firing up a festival stage, this group is a winner.” – Craig Edwards –

Festival Director, Mystic Seaport Museum


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