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Gordon Bok - Bay of Fundy :

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CD54 -

Gordon Bok - Bay of Fundy

Western Boat
Queer Bungo Rye
Freedom on the Wallaby
Bay of Fundy
Broken Down Squatter
Come By the Hills
Dublin City
Fifteen Ships On George's Banks
Freedom on the Wallaby
Little River
Mister I Don't Mind
Queer Bungo Rye
Snow Gull
Texas Song
Western Boat

A favorite of many Bok fans.


I named a guitar "Gideon," after an uncle of mine. (*) Partly because the guitar can sing lower than I can, but mostly because it sounds best when you play it softly.

I think he was the first person I actually saw playing the guitar. He'd blow in from some place like Australia, wrap himself around the old Mango guitar in the corner and spend hours teaching it to whisper, when all I could get it to do was backfire. I'm still working on that.

I think it was Gideon who gave me the song "Dublin City" to chew on when I was very little; at least I associate the song with him.

He, and his people, look for magic and mystery in many things, and when they find some, they hide it in a song and give'it to a young one.

— Gordon Bok
(*) The guitar you hear in "Broken Down Squatter."


WESTERN BOAT (Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's)

Side 1, Band 1.

Take me back to my Western Boat,
Let me fish off Cape St. Mary's,
Where the hagdowns* sail and the foghorns wail,
With my friends, the Browns and the Clearys,
In the swells off old St. Mary's.

Let me feel my dory lift
To the broad Atlantic cumbers**
Where the tide-rips swirl and the wild ducks furl
And the ocean calls the numbers...
In the swells off old St. Mary's.

Let me sail up golden bays
With my oilskins all a-streaming,
From the thunder squall where I hauled my trawl,
And the old "Cape Ann" a-glearning. . .
In the swells off old St. Mary's.

(repeat first verse)

Written by Otto P. Kelland, warden of St. John's Penitentiary, but apparently adopted into the tradition of Newfoundland folkmusic. Peggy Day heard it there and taught it to me many years ago, but recently a friend named Geordie brought me back a little book by Mills and Peacock called Favorite Songs of Newfound¬land which had a different version than the way Peggy heard it (or I heard it) and also some other good verses:

Let me view that rugged shore
Where the beach is all a-glisten
With the Caplin spawn, where from dark to dawn,
You bait your trawl and listen To the undertow a-hissin'.

When I reach that last big shoal,
Where the ground-swells break asunder,
Where the wild sands roll to the surge's toll,
Let me be a man and take it
When my dory fails to make it.

Take me back to that snug green cove
Where the seas roll up their thunder.
There let me rest in the earth's cool breast,
Where the stars shine out their wonder
And the seas roll out their thunder.

After all, who wouldn't rather work with friends in a land he can love and admire... and wish to die in his bunk.

* I sing "Hog-downs" — local reference.
** Can be sung "combers," of course. I heard it "cumbers."


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