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1. Bok, Muir & Trickett - TURNING TOWARD THE MORNING
2. Ed Trickett - The Telling Takes Me Home
3. Helen Schneyer - Ballads, Broadsides and Hymns
4. Bok, Muir, Trickett - A Water Over Stone
5. Bok, Muir, Trickett - The Ways of Man
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Of Digits and Dinosaurs

   When those lovely old vinyl dinosaurs were suddenly drowned in the digital deluge, we were caught with a good many of them on our shelves, all bought and paid for. We are now attempting to recoup some of that capital by selling that 1960s technology at 1960s prices. We invite you to take advantage of us. All those beautiful old albums (with their black jackets and informative booklets) are longing to take a ride on your turntable for only $6.00 each, or only $5 each if you buy at least 5 of them at a time. If you still have a working record player, and are nostalgic for the sonorous sound of the old LPs, just give us a call. The supply keeps dwindling, of course, but we'll try to keep the list up to date. Once these are gone, that will be it, folks; we simply can't afford to put them back into print.

Shipping and handling costs for vinyl LP orders are:

(within the U.S.) $3 for the first LP; add $.50 for each additional LP. For all other countries (surface mail): $4 for the first LP; add $1 for each additional LP.

Here's a list of what we have left:

STM-1 - CINDY KALLET: Dreaming Down a Quiet Line. A lovely, self-produced recording, Also on cassette or CD.
FSS-115 - ED MILLER: Border Background. Songs of Scotland, old and new, well sung by a Scotsman now living in Texas.
FSI-112 - GORDON BOK: Ensemble. Sung with the Quasimodal Chorus, recorded in Maine. Gordon's "final vinyl?"
FSI-110 - GORDON BOK, ANN MAYO MUIR & ED TRICKETT: Minneapolis Concert. A 'live" concert recording.
FSI-104 - GORDON BOK, ANN MAYO MUIR & ED TRICKETT: Fashioned In the Clay. Excellent collection of songs here.
FSI-103 - SKIP GORMAN: Trail to Mexico. An outstanding selection of western songs and instrumentals.
FSI-101 - JERRY RASMUSSEN: The Secret Life of Jerry Rasmussen. Wonderful home-made songs of the Heartland.
FSI-98 - CINDY KALLET: Cindy Kallet 2. Original songs and guitar instrumentals: Cindy's second Folk-Legacy recording,
FSI-95 - SKIP GORMAN: New Englander's Choice. New England fiddle tunes played by a fine New England fiddler.
FSI-80 - GORDON BOK, ANN MAYO MUIR & ED TRICKETT: A Water Over Stone. Another excellent program by this trio.
FSI-76 - SKIP GORMAN & RON KANE: Powder River. Excellent collection of unusual western songs and instrumentals.
FSI-74 - HOWARD BURSEN: Cider in the Kitchen. A varied programs of songs and tunes from a 5-string banjo virtuoso.
FSI-73 - JOAN SPRUNG: Pictures to My Mind. Traditional and original songs from an excellent Connecticut songmaker.
FSI-66 - BILL STAINES :Just Play One Tune More. Our first recording of this very popular singer and songmaker.
FSI-56 - GORDON BOK, ANN MAYO MUIR A ED TRICKETT: Turning Toward the Morning. Our most popular album.
FSK-52 - SANDY AND CAROLINE PATON: I've Got a Song! A good collection of songs for kids, nicely sung with harmonies.
FSI-28 - SANDY & JEANIE DARLINGTON. Old-time and contemporary songs sung with guitar and fiddle.
FTA-25 - HECTOR LEE: The. Golden Kimball Stories & the Brother Petersen Yarns. Surprisingly salty Mormon humor.
FSA-23 - THE TRADITIONAL MUSIC OF BEECH MOUNTAIN, N.C., Volume 2. Important field recordings from a remote Appalachian community.
FSA-18 - ARNOLD KEITH STORM: lake the News to Mother. Victorian "Heart songs" from an Indiana family tradition, very well sung with guitar.
LP-512 - CATHY BARTON & DAVE PARA: Ballad of the Boonslick. Songs from central Missouri, beautifully done.
LP-516 - JERRY RASMUSSEN: Handful of Songs. More of Jerry's excellent midwest "down-home" songs.
JD-201 - DAVID JONES: Easy and Slow. Excellent English singer in a program of primarily traditional songs.
JD-203 - ALMEDA RIDDLE: Granny Riddle's Songs & Ballads. The great Ozark ballad singer in an excellent program.
JD-204 - FRANK WARNER: Come All You Good People. The late singer/collector in a program of his favorites.
JD-206 - JEFF WARNER & JEFF DAVIS: Days of Forty-Nine. A collection of traditional songs performed by two excellent singers.
JD-207 - SONJA SAVIG: Nu Takk for Alt - Norwegian Songs In America. A lovely singer interprets her musical heritage.
JD-208 - JOHN LANGSTAFF: The Seeds of Love. Folksongs, mainly from the Sharp collection, performed with the Stamford Early Music Ensemble.
JD-209 - DWAYNE THORPE: Come and Keep Me Company. Mostly traditional songs from an Eisteddfod favorite.

You may also place an order via toll-free (in the U.S.): 1-800-836-0901
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