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Gordon Bok and Cindy Kallet - NEIGHBORS :

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Gordon Bok and Cindy Kallet - NEIGHBORS

October Song
Homeward bound

Cindy Kallet

I first heard Gordon early in the 1970's in a Cambridge, MA. living room, when a good friend's mother thought I would like to hear a new favorite of hers, Tune for November, Gordons first recording for Folk-Legacy. (I did like to!)

Gordon first saw me, ten years later, on the cover of my first Folk-Legacy album, Working on wings to Fly - he liked the rock I was sitting on (and was delighted with the music...).

In 1983, Sandy and Caroline Paton suggested we join the music in a concert or two, and the result was so much fun that we continued to do so, on occasion, over the next few years.

Twelve years later, after we'd become Just-About-Neighbors, we remembered these songs we'd loved, our musical common ground, and recorded them here, for you, we hope, to enjoy.

Cindy Kallet
Rockland, Maine
April, 1996

October Song

Robin Williamson
I heard this many years ago on the Relics of the Incredible String Band and found it nudging me from time to time over the years. When we stoked up the "fiolamba grosso, " its "melliflous" tones sparked this version of a song I've always loved.
C: viola G: cellamba

I'll sing you this October song
There is no song before it
The words and tune are none of my own
For my joys and sorrows bore it

  Beside the sea, the brambly briars
  In the still of evening
  Birds fly out behind the sun
  And with them I'll be leaving

The fallen leaves that jewel the ground
They know the art of dying
And leave with joy their glad gold hearts
In the scarlet shadows lying

  When hunger calls my footsteps home
  The morning follows after
  I swim the seas within my mind
  And the pine trees laugh green laughter

I used to search for happiness
And I used to follow pleasure
But I found a door behind my mind
And that's the greatest treasure

  For rulers like to lay down laws
  And rebels like to break them
  And the poor priests like to walk in chains
  And God likes to forsake them

I met a man whose name was Time
And he said I must be going
But just how long ago that was
I have no way of knowing

  Sometimes I want to murder time
  Sometimes when my heart's aching
  But mostly I just stroll along
  The path that He is taking

1966 Warner-Tamarlane Publishing Co. BMI

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