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Jim Jones in Botany Bay
Cape Ann

David Jones

David Jones

David Jones is originally from South East London, but, for the past thirty odd years, has been living in various parts of the USA finally settling, with his wife Louise, in Leonia NJ, gateway to the golden west. He has been singing songs such as the ones on this album, for a very long time and thanks those from
whom he learned them, and those who have helped him out in singing them. Since about 1994, he has been part of an a capella group "Poor Old Horse", with Heather Wood and Tom Gibney.

Heather Wood is the only surviving member of the "Young Tradition" (- "that most notable of English folk groups," - The Stage, UK ). Her songs have been recorded by many folk luminaries, and the YT recordings have been reissued on CD. Born in Yorkshire, she now lives in New York City.

Tom Gibney's parents moved from Ireland to New York just in time for him to be born in the Bronx. He is known for his stylish singing and fiddle playing and lives in Princeton, New Jersey, with his wife Patty and sons Michael and David.

Jerry (Dr. Jerome) Epstein has sung with David for many years, in Music Hall, and in a group known as the "Bermuda Quadrangle". Jerry did the musical notation for Traditional American Folk Songs, mentioned in the notes, and his CD, "Time Has Made a Change", is on Minstrel Records. Here he plays piano and concertina.

Bill Shute in his young days was a member of a rock group, The Fifth Estate" whose hit song was the unforgettable "Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch is Dead". Bill and David recorded an album of songs for young audiences, "Widdecombe Fair", which won a Parents Choice Magazine Gold Award in 1991. Bill plays guitar and banjo on this recording, and lives in Connecticut with his wife Jackie and son Toby.


A grisly picture of the punishment for what was often a crime of no more than petty theft. In 1788, eleven ships, known today as the "First Fleet," left Portsmouth, loaded with convicts for the penal colony in New South Wales. Transportation ended in 1868, and the convicts became Australia's first white settlers. The tune is by an Austrailian singer, Mick Slocum.


By Gordon Bok, a warning on the perils of sailing with a drunken sea captain.
Gordon sings it on his Folk-Legacy recording, Peter Kagen and the wind.

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