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Bok, Muir, Trickett - Fashioned in the Clay :

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Bok, Muir, Trickett - Fashioned in the Clay

Fashioned in the Clay
Tree of Life
John of Dreams
Barley Rising
Carolan's Concerto
Carrion Crow
Evening Waltz
Fashioned in the Clay
John of Dreams
Johnny Stewart, Drover
Nightrider's Lament
Tree of Life

Out of all of our recordings of Bok, Muir and Trickett, this one seems to remain Caroline's personal favorite. It is certainly full of fine songs and lovely tunes, including the optimistic title song. Don't overlook this one, friends.


This is the fifth album we have produced of the music of Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, and Ed Trickett, and its release coincides with the tenth anniversary of their performing together as a trio. This, then, would seem to be an appropriate time for us to express our personal appreciation of them as artists, and our affection for them as friends.

Our relationship with them as individuals goes back even more than ten years. Ed was a participant in the original Golden Ring, an album we produced in 1964. Gordon's first solo album for Folk-Legacy was released in 1970, and he first brought Ann Mayo Muir to record with him in 1972. However, their first album as a trio, Turning Toward the Morning, was released is 1975; thus, Fashioned in the Clay celebrates a full decade of our work with them as "TBM." Their remarkable collaboration has given us all a lot of wonderful music to enjoy, and we are proud to have played a part in bringing it to you.

And so, to Gordon, Ann, and Ed: a warm "thank you" for your music, and for your valued friendships. We are looking forward to the next decade, and to the exciting projects it will surely bring.

Sandy and Caroline Paton
Lee B. Haggerty
Sharon, Connecticut
September, 1985


Copyright 1983 by Elmer Beals Jr.
Side 1, Band l.

Elmer Beal Is from Blue Hill, Maine. He's a farmer, woodcutter, educator and musician, and a maker of fine songs. He's also a member of Maine's favorite acoustic group, ''Different Shoes."

Elmer says he wrote this for his wife, Carole, a potter, inspired by the optimism in her work, at the time it takes between starting the job and seeing the results. (GB)

When it seems that everyone is worried for themselves,
Buying plans for fallout shelters, stocking up the shelves,
Living in the fast lane, and staying high at night,
Thinking that by accident we'll blow out all the lights;

Look, now, at the potter whose wheel is spinning 'round,
Shaping with her hands the past and future from the ground:
Cups that will be filled and drunk, so warm in wintertime,
Plates and bowls for dinner served with candlelight and wine:

She believes, she believes,
By her work it's so easy to see
That the future is more than the following day,
It's fashioned securely in the clay.

Look now at the farmer working in his field,
Hoping that the sun and rain will guarantee his yield.
Like the seed the wind has blown to unfamiliar ground,
He waits to see what fate will bring as each year rolls around.

He believes...

Elsewhere, there are lovers in a warm embrace,
Happy with their plans to carry on the human race.
Now the baby cries and wonders if it's all alone;
Softly, voices reassure: there'll always be a home.

They believe...

So, if you had been worried that tomorrow wouldn't come,
Look to see the ones whose lives are following the sun.
And the hope that springs so clearly from the work they do
Will spread a little further when it finds a place in you.

We believe, we believe,
By our work it's so easy to see
That the future is more than the following day,
It's fashioned securely in the clay.

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