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Gordon Bok - Peter Kagan and the Wind :

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Gordon Bok - Peter Kagan and the Wind

Mister Eneos
Threeboot Philbrick's Lament
Peter Kagan and the Wind
Cape Ann
Cherish the Ladies
Clear Away in the Morning
Ed McDermott's Handy
Frankie on the Sheepscott
Gulls in the Morning
Hang On John
Haste to the Wedding
Mister Eneos
Mrs. MacDonald's Lament
Peter Kagan and the Wind
Threeboot Philbrick's Lament

Our second recording of Gordon, this contains many of his powerful original songs of the sea and of the fishermen among whom he grew up. Mister Eneos, Mrs. MacDonald's Lament, Peter Kagan and the Wind, Hang On, John, Cape Ann, Gulls in the Morning, Frankie on the Sheepscot, Clear Away in the Morning, Threeboot Philbrick's Lament, and Ed McDermott's Handy.

Mister Eneos
(The Cold South Georgia Ground)
A true story, taken from a smooth-log of the last sailing whaler to go out of New Bedford: the Daisy, brig (R. C. Murphy, A Logbook for Grace).

Practically verbatim, this is the ship's carpenter's account (as reported by Mr. Murphy) of the drowning of fourth mate Anton Eneos off South America, on a voyage to South Georgia, an island in the latitude of Cape Horn.

(Murphy also wrote another fine book, with his own photographs, of a trip he took on the Daisy two years after this particular happening: A Dead Whale or a Stove Boat.)

The refrain here, the melody, and some of the phrasing are mine. (Played on the 12-string guitar.)

Clew up your royals and top sails,
Haul your headsails down,
For you'll never see the whale no more
Or the cold South Georgia Ground.

It was March twenty-ninth, nineteen and ten,
The little brig Daisy did sail;
The morning was clear, and the sea was down,
And we raised a great pod of whale.

The captain had three of the boats lowered down,
And in them the mates (they) did go:
There was Mister Dalomba and Mister Alves,
And Mister Eneos also. 2


Now, the whales did rise a mile from the ship,
And the other two mates made their kill,
But Mister Eneos was caught in the pod
Where the whales were lying still.

Mister Eneos stood still in the bow,
And he had his lance in his hand,
But the whale he had harpooned would not break away
And would neither sound or run.

It struck at the boat and lifted her high,
And the men fell out over the stern,
And we saw the flukes come crashing
down Where Mister Eneos had been.

The captain had the stern boat lowered away,
And we searched where the whales did sound; 4

Five men we gathered from out the sea,
But Mister Eneos was gone.


1. All mates of sailing vessels are traditionally called "Mister." Usually only that, by the captain.
2. The first mate, too, Mr. Almeida, if I remember correctly.
3. The whale his boat-steerer had harpooned, actually.
4. Sound = to get deeper, or to dive.


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